Online Course Descriptions - Leadership Series

WLB 201 and 202 5 Steps to Better Leadership - No other leadership training has comparable measured results - a 96% completion rate on identified business and personal leadership objectives.  You learn, retain and use a skill set that drives performance on the job and conveys an appreciation for achievement and enjoyment in your own and your employees' personal lives as well.  Benefits include increased productivity with less stress, greater respect, trust and motivation from and for your team, better communications at all levels, and more control and value in your work and life.  Approximate time to complete these two integrated courses is two hours.  Click here to purchase.

WLB 203 - PATH - Better Decision Making, Prioritizing & Project Execution - Manage and drive performance through better decision making and project execution.  Delivers an exceptionally quick and easy tool to prioritize a multitude of complex demands and complete the most valuable of those quickly.  Simultaneously prevents other priorities of importance from falling through the cracks.  Improves decision making confidence and quality while reducing unproductive stress.  Approximate time to complete one hour.  Click here to purchase.

WLB 204 - Emphasis Settings - Shifting Balance Between Your Life Quadrants A change orientation tool that enables quick and significant short-term shifts in your primary life emphasis as demands rapidly change.  The tool incorporates the changes and important shifts necessary to create more value and balance for yourself and those important to you both on and off the job.  Approximate time to complete one hour.  Click here to purchase.

WLB 205 - The Results Orientation of Your Work and Life Use the specific tool in this course to crystallize your personal results orientation as well as the value and enjoyments that drive you to produce those results.  Four important way-of-working and way-of-life goals result from this one-hour course.  Not your typical short to mid-term goals, these four unique goals keep you from losing site of the achievements and enjoyments that motivate you to perform at your peak over a lifetime.  Approximate time to complete one hour.  Click here to purchase.

Annual License for WLB 201 205 - The annual WorkLifeBalance License includes all five of the sessions listed individually above.  This All Inclusive License covers each of the 5 Steps to Better Work-Life Balance.  Included are in depth applications you will find immediately relevant to your job and life.  Also included are regular additions and updates to the WorkLifeBalance University curriculum, a quarterly newsletter and periodic WorkLifeBalance e-tips.  Save over 30% off individual purchases.  Price $299 US.  Click here to purchase.